Five places. Five measures. Five years.

Here's how we began... (Check out our latest blog and press release (PDF) for an announcement of the Wellville Five and Greater Wellville!)

How do you get to Wellville? There are many roads and help from visionaries who've made great strides creating places where people enjoy healthier lives. Yet the Way to Wellville remains lightly traveled and mostly unexplored.

That’s why HICCup is sponsoring The Way to Wellville, a national challenge among five communities over five years to make significant, visible and lasting improvement in five measures of health and economic vitality. In the end, we’ll map new paths for entire communities to make changes that result in healthier people and places.

Communities were required to submit a completed application form by May 23, 2014, to be considered for The Way to Wellville challenge.

HICCup is a nonprofit founded by angel investor Esther Dyson to encourage a rethinking of how we produce health. The Way to Wellville will reward teams that show the world how collective investment and action can return healthy dividends for communities – and their investors.

Who can make the trip? If you’re a cohesive, collaborative, and committed community of 100,000 or less that can stay the course for a five-year journey, you’re a prospect. If your team has met success on previous explorations, your chances are even better.

Join our expedition and you’ll never be on the road alone. We’re adding a network of traveling partners to help with data, solutions and sustainable investment models – including potential funders to support the journey. And we’ll make it easy for all five communities to share everything they learn on the path for the benefit of current and future Wellvilles.

Learn more and spread the word. Then, tell us how you’d get to Wellville!